Cody Dillard Speaks Up To Help People Be Heard And Be Counted

The dictionary defines advocacy as a movement by an individual or by a group of people to drum up support and take action to influence public policy or decisions within the political, economic, social and institutional systems. It can include many activities that a person or an organization undertakes such as public speaking engagements or attending interviews through the television or radio to reach as wide an audience as possible. It can also include other activities such as hiring writers to publish articles regarding certain issues of interest, publishing research studies that confirm what they are saying or reinforce their views, or taking a poll to find out the reaction of the general public regarding policies that are currently being debated in.

Members of an advocacy group may belong to a certain demographic segment of society such as businessmen or people engaged in a particular craft, professionals such as lawyers, government workers or other groups within the community who needs a mouthpiece or valid representation in order to be heard in thepolicy making body of the land. The movement is characterized by members or stakeholders who share something in common such as beliefs, goals, religion, interests or some other things that makes them want to belong to a certain group and most of the time they also share the same idea on how to achieve what they asking for.

Advocacy can take many forms. There are many problems besetting society that an issue could trigger mass reaction from a sector of society to stand up and take notice. One of the most obscure examples of this is the recent release of a new beauty product called “luminess air” which has prompted a whole mass of people to write their own luminess air reviews offering their opinions on how well this new device works.

They may also take different approaches in their method of expressing their views or their aspirations to bring about the change into society such as conducting a mass rally, a prayer vigil, a march through the streets, lobbying in congress, putting up billboards and posters and so on. Some groups may be more aggressive than others and lean towards the extreme.



People from different walks of life have different views and beliefs. When these people believe that they have the numbers to exact a change or influence policy, this advocacy is taken to a whole new level and advocacy becomes a movement. Through the years, the world has been an arena for different forms of advocacy that came into being.

Political, social, economic and environmental issues have been cropping up here and there and members of the movement try to make as much noise as possible to be noticed. If the members belong to a distinguished group, the more effective and powerful it can be. People are starting to become more aware and enlightened about a lot of issues that needs to be addressed.

Ignorance is the worst enemy of advocacy. It leaves people in the dark about a lot of issues that concern them. That is why it is important to educate people through information campaign. With education, people will become more vigilant and more pro-active. Education empowers the people to stand and speak up against issues that they are not comfortable with. When people are better informed, they are more willing to participate in agenda setting and more responsive to the call for change.

How To Run A Successful Advocacy Campaign In Your Community

If you recognize a problem in the community or experience a discomfort regarding a certain policy that you feel puts you or other people around you at a disadvantage, you would want to stand up and participate in raising a common voice in order to effect a change or reform. This is called Advocacy and it requires group effort in order to be heard and succeed. Just like Cody Dillard and members of Project 21 does, In order to succeed, you need to undertake massive media campaigns to let people know about it and trigger public discussion.

Advocacy campaign can be done in several ways. You can go to television networks and discuss the issue in talk shows or the news. You can also buy radio airtime to launch an information dissemination campaign or submit articles or commentaries in newspapers, magazines, give out flyers, hang posters or other forms of printed media to let as many people know as possible. If you are planning to launch an advocacy campaign, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure that your campaign will be successful.

  • Someone has to take the lead. The leader may be chosen from the group by nomination or most of the time by “charisma”. A charismatic and gifted leader should be skilled in organizing the campaign as a solid group and is more likely to succeed in swaying people to your side than someone who is totally unknown or unpopular.
  • The group should choose a speaker who will be tasked to deliver themessage to the public. A person with a gift of gab can easily convince people to take your side and help drum up support for your effort. The speaker is usually chosen from the allied groups to represent the voice of the stakeholders.
  • You should be able to establish what action you want to achieve. It could be resource allocation policy, or asking for reforms in an existing one, or probably passing a new one. You should also be able to explain how far or how high in the level of the policy-making body you are aiming to reach.
  • Identify the people to whom you should talk to. These people should have the logistics to reach as wide an audience as possible such as television talk show hosts (such as Oprah or Conan O’Brian), Public Relations or Public Information Officers (a good individual, local tip is Ginny Mcknight who is the author of these no no hair removal reviews and runs her own successful online PR Company), radio commentators (just avoid Howard Stern!) and PR officers of volunteer groups who can also be recruited to join in your advocacy campaign.
  • Identify the stakeholders. These are the people who are directly involved or affected by the policy. The closest targets would be community based leaders or business groups, professional groups, parents, labor groups or some other groups that have previous experience in advocacy campaigns.
  • Gather as much data as possible such as facts and figures to reinforce your arguments and to provide valid information upon request.
  • Call for action. The most important part of an advocacy campaign is getting results. Timing is crucial and positive results can be achieved if the advocacy campaign is timed during council meetings, election campaigns, legislative meetings, and other such policy making activities.

Making A Difference In The Life Of The Community By Volunteering And Doing Community Service

Throughout history, Americans have enjoyed the freedom to speak whatever is in their mind if they believe that they have something to contribute towards the betterment of life for their fellow Americans. There are many organizations and groups all over the United States sharing the same ideals and objectives of preserving democracy, equal opportunity for all and enriching the diversity of the people and their culture. For this reason, there will always be groups who are actively campaigning to make sure that these ideals are preserved and that everyone enjoys equal opportunities to live a decent live and participate in nation building.

Everyone has the right to advocate on behalf of something they strongly believe in. If you are equally moved to stand up and make a difference, take time to learn about the issue and plan your strategy well in advance so that your efforts are not wasted and you will be able to get the best possible result out of your crusade. Better yet, check out some of the non-profit organizations and see how these can help you push your agenda.

The government allows certain sectors to engage in nonpartisan advocacy or lobbying through charitable organizations or non-profit foundations. These campaigns can take the form of information dissemination to educate the public regarding policies that affect a large group of people or a community. If you are a young professional who believe that you have a lot to contribute to the community, you can join one of the non-profit organizations for a start and develop your advocacy from there.

Nonprofit organizations recognize the importance of young people in nation building and nurture these qualities in the youths in the hope that they will become good leaders of the future. By educating and empowering these young people with the necessary skills, the world will have a new crop of leaders who are better equipped with knowledge and capabilities to lead the community into a better life.

You can make a tangible contribution in your community by making donations to charities and foundations that are working to improve the life of the community.  You can also volunteer your time and your skills by doing community services and be a catalyst for change by rallying others to volunteer with you at the same time serving as a role model for other young people to emulate. If you are active in the community, your family and your friends cannot help but be touched by your effort and will easily sympathize with your cause. One young man was able to make a big difference in the overall fitness level of his family and friends before moving on to operating a world-class website that helps people all around the world get in shape – and it all started when he just shared his own insanity Workout review! Remember: every little bit counts!

There are many young professionals who have made a name for themselves by becoming members of organizations who has close ties with the community and serving as a voice for their needs such as Cody Dillard. You can also be one by giving your time and your talent towards making your community a better place to live in. You can mobilize people to take action and improve their lot by inspiring them and educating them on certain policies that affect them.

Making The World A Better Place To Live In By Advocating Community Action

Every person who walks the earth dreams of someday finding a place where he can lay his head and say “this is my home”. It is every man’s dream of making the world a better place to live in not only for himself but also for the children he will have. Even lowly animals have that primal instinct to find a place where they can survive and have offspring without fear and want and anyone who works to make that dream a reality is remarkable indeed and what they do for the society is truly amazing and inspiring.

Cody Dillard is but one of those many people who are blazing a trail to raise people’s awareness about issues that concern them. He and many like him are staking their reputations and their careers to serve as a beacon of hope for those who do not have the voice to speak for themselves. These enlightened men are the heroes of today’s generation. Not everyone may have heard of them but nevertheless, they are working on the sideline to serve as a voice for the members of their community, of their society and others who share in their hopes and dreams.

Once in a while, we encounter a problem or an event that creates a discomfort within. We weigh it according to our set of values and see whether it conforms to what we know to be right or wrong. If we are not sure about how we feel, we talk about it with our family and discuss how it affects us. When we go to work, we mention it to our friends and colleagues and we ask about their opinion regarding the matter.

We socialize and go to parties, social gatherings, school meetings, or council meetings and we raise the issue to everyone’s attention in the hope of getting a substantial reaction. You try to engage everyone’s interest and stimulate a pro-active response within the group. This is how we get involved and raise awareness within our community. By consulting with everyone who cares to discuss it, we act as a catalyst for action.

We are all stakeholders in our community. How the community fares effects the way we live, the way we work and relate with one another in the neighborhood. By being involved with the community, we are able to feel the pulse of the population and learn what they want and what they need. The only way to get results is to raise attention regarding significant issues that affect the community in general and create a venue for the public to debate on it.

Action can take the form of television interviews, public speeches, writing opinions or commentaries through the newspapers or through opinion polls. It does not matter how you carry those message across, what matters is that they are finally heard by those who are directly concerned so that they will be pushed to take action. That is what advocacy is all about. It encourages people to take an active role in promoting the welfare of the community and taking a positive move in making the world a better place to live in.

NCPPR Promotes American Idealism Through Community Based Organizations

Organizations play a multitude of roles in serving the interest of the community and the National Center for Public Policy Research is an example of an organization that is engaged in advocacy movement across the United States. It has published a lot of researches in the field of social policy and other global issues such as environmental protection, foreign affairs, health care and social security.

It is a coalition of conservative Americans who believe in the maintenance of the traditional politics in order to preserve the stability of the state. It currently enjoys a robust list of African-Americans who are distinguished in their line of profession and contributes articles and research materials to the center for publication.

The center is also involved in public speaking engagement and public policy discussion, offering a forum through which traditional Americans can express their views on a wide range of topics and interests. It has continued to drum up support for their advocacies through mass media campaigns including public speaking, television interviews, lectures and discussion with students and young professionals. It boasts a list of think tanks that are very active in submitting opinions and articles to the press as a means of educating the public about current issues and gathering their reactions.

As part of their mass campaign activities, the center also act as an umbrella organization for a host of coalition groups and organizations such as Project 21 which initiates press releases, publications. opinion polls through printed media institutions such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post to name a few. The National Center for Public Policy Research actively participates in discussions and interviews via some of the popular television shows like the Larry King show, the C-SPAN Morning Journal, the America’s Black Forum and other similar venues.

Currently, the center is involved in a wide range of issues including the policy of the government concerning the environment and validation of scientific researches concerning environmental protection and the economic impact of global warming. It has also given attention to domestic and international policies regarding the preservation and protection of wildlife and endangered species long with child education programs such as the Hooked On Phonics community outreach scheme which has just been launched.. The center is extremely passionate about the energy policy of the current administration being opposed to the idea of tinkering with alternative energy resources, the legal reforms being discussed in congress concerning health care and the Medicare reform bill.

Other areas of interests include social security and how it impacts the aged, the Middle East defense policy of the United States and the policy of the administration regarding the withdrawal of troops. It is also a staunch activist in many issues concerning labor laws and civil rights.

The National Center for Public Policy Research has a close working relationship with African-American conservative groups such as Project 21 that boasts of an extensive and illustrious roster of members. Project 21 provides the center with a hefty supply of resources and commentaries written by the members from a conservative point of view not to mention serving as a conduit for the center to reach the predominantly black community. This close relationship has enabled the center to sustain its presence in the limelight.